How to Remove Green Varnish From Carburetor Parts?

Answer A carburetor is a vital component of older cars that don't have fuel injectors. The carburetor ensures that the engine receives an appropriate mixture of air and gasoline so it functions more effic... Read More »

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How to Remove Varnish From an Oil Painting?

Ancient artists coated their wall paintings with wax to protect the underlying paint, sharpen color and add shine. In the Renaissance, the compound of choice for protecting paintings was varnish. R... Read More »

How to Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets?

When you are refinishing your kitchen cabinets, removing old varnish is essential to getting a professional finish. According to Scott Gibson in his article "Painting Kitchen Cabinets", "Stripping ... Read More »

How do I remove paint& varnish from wood?

Prepare for Removal ProcessGather gloves, old clothing and safety glasses to protect the skin from the paint and varnish removal process. Place drop cloths under the piece to be stripped to catch a... Read More »

How to Remove a Carburetor from a 7.5L?

Older vehicles use barrel carburetors to mix fuel and air to power the engine. The carburetor on a 7.5-liter engine sits on top of the engine in clear view. Removing the carburetor from this engine... Read More »