How to Remove Graffiti From Fiberglass?

Answer Many cars and especially boats have bodies that include fiberglass. Because these vehicles are generally exposed to the elements, they are susceptible to vandalism, such as graffiti. Seeing spray p... Read More »

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How to Remove Graffiti from a Textbook?

How to make a old book that is covered in graffiti look new, exciting and fresh for a days hard work.

How do I remove graffiti from a vinyl fence?

Laquer ThinnerPour lacquer thinner into a plastic spray bottle. Spray down the graffiti paint with the paint lacquer. Wait 10 minutes for the lacquer thinner to soften the graffiti paint. Dampen a ... Read More »

How do I remove stains from fiberglass?

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the stain. The University of Nebraska--Lincoln Extension advises against using any type of abrasive cleaner on fiberglass.Pour equal amounts of white vi... Read More »

How do you remove scratches from fiberglass?

Hardware store. Jeweler's rouge, soft cloth, a little water to dampen the cloth, plus lots of patience and elbow grease. Or, you could also just fill them in with a good automotive WAX if their jus... Read More »