How to Remove Glued Down Vinyl Floor?

Answer Depending on the area, removing vinyl flooring can be an all-day job. Vinyl flooring is not difficult to remove but the adhesive that holds the flooring to the sub-floor is where the problem lies. ... Read More »

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How do I remove glued vinyl flooring?

PreparationExamine the floor to ensure it does not have any asbestos. If the tiles date back to the 1970s or earlier, they will have asbestos. Newer tiles have almost no chance of containing asbest... Read More »

How to remove paper glued to floor?

get a paper towel and wet it good. lay paper towel on paper stuck on floor, wait 5 minutes and paper on floor will come right up

How do I remove glued down linoleum?

Getting ReadyWork in small sections of the floor. Set the heat gun to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and apply heat to the linoleum area for about two minutes to soften the glue.Lifting the Linoleum outLo... Read More »

How do I remove a glued down carpet pad?

Pull Back the Carpet PadUse a pair of pliers to pull back the carpet pad. Use a utility knife to cut small sections of the padding. Firmly pull the small sections away with your hands.Loosen the Gl... Read More »