How to Remove Glue Residue From Car Paint?

Answer Glue residue is stubborn to remove from many surfaces, but the painted surface of your car is a delicate matter. Many methods of removing glue residue damage the car's paint. Whether your car has a... Read More »

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How do I remove glue residue from fabric?

Use Lighter FluidMoisten a cotton ball with lighter fluid. Apply the lighter fluid to a hidden area of the fabric to ensure it does not discolor it. Dab at the glue bits on the fabric with the ligh... Read More »

How to Remove the Glue Residue from a Bandage?

If you've had an injury that required you to wear an adhesive bandage, you may find you have glue residue stuck to your skin once the bandage is removed. This irritating glue residue can pull the h... Read More »

How to Remove Super Glue From Car Paint?

Super Glue is one of the worst things to get on a car's paint job because it is one of the hardest substances to remove. The glue will bond to the paint and harden almost immediately. To make matte... Read More »

How to Remove Glue From Auto Paint?

Peeling stickers or decals off your car can permanently ruin the paint of your vehicle. But if you no longer like your bumper stickers, have purchased a used car with decals on it, or have accident... Read More »