How to Remove Glow Plugs with a Tool?

Answer Diesel engines have a number of advantages over gasoline engines, but they also require their own special parts and maintenance. When a diesel engine fails, it often results from bad glow plugs. Si... Read More »

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How to Remove Glow Plugs?

Glow plugs are what diesel engines use to ignite fuel in the engine. Rather than use spark plugs, a diesel-fueled engine relies entirely on compression of the air/fuel mix for combustion. However, ... Read More »

How Do I Remove Swollen Glow Plugs?

Glow plugs are indicators on diesel engines that monitor their condition. The redder the glow of your plug, the better the engine compression. The glow plug's role is to ignite the fuel at the poin... Read More »

How to Remove the Glow Plugs in a Ford F-250?

The Ford F-250 diesel uses glow plugs to heat the air and fuel inside the cylinders. Over time, the glow plugs can go bad. But even if they are functioning properly, it is a good idea to replace th... Read More »

How to Remove Swelled Glow Plugs?

A glow plug is a small heating element that is commonly used to ignite the mixture of air and fuel in a diesel engine. When a glow plug begins to fail the heating element may begin swelling to an e... Read More »