How to Remove Gasket Glue?

Answer When a gasket is added to any object, an adhesive or glue is added as well. The glue residue can remain behind when you change the gasket, or the glue may get on other objects when you add glue to ... Read More »

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The Removal of Automotive Gasket Glue?

When replacing gaskets in an automobile's engine, mechanics will sometimes use a glue to help hold the gasket in place. If these gaskets fail and need to be replaced, you must completely remove th... Read More »

How to Remove Glue From a Hot Glue Gun on Painted Walls?

Hot glue dries, cools and hardens to create a strong and waterproof bond between materials. Crafters often use it to glue plastic, rubber or paper items. One disadvantage to using hot glue guns is ... Read More »

Should glue be used to adhere a gasket on the transmission pan?

%REPLIES% Answer "NO" because the glue can cause block passage ways-stick solonoids etc.Better 2 lay flat 4 a while with something on the gasket LIKE the CLEAN pan UPSIDE down & torque the bolts EV... Read More »

How do you replace a windshield on a 1990 model Toyota 2wd Its the rubber gasket type not glue in?

AnswerWell the best way to replace the glass is to run a hook or a flat screwdriver carefully around the entire glass inside and out to losen the rubber. After that if the glass your removing is sh... Read More »