How to Remove Gas From a Tank With an Electric Fuel Pump?

Answer A full gas tank is heavy, but if you need to lower or remove your tank to work on it, getting the fuel out of the tank can be time consuming. Wiring up an electric fuel pump to do the work for you ... Read More »

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How to Change an In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump?

Cars with fuel injection use an electric fuel pump that is located inside the gas tank. This is a safe spot, away from moisture, road hazards and debris. Since there is little air inside the closed... Read More »

How to Install an Aftermarket Electric In-Tank Fuel Pump?

The electronic fuel pump in a gas tank not only provides fuel to the engine. It also pressurizes the fuel system for fuel injection, screens the gasoline to keep contaminants from the fuel system, ... Read More »

How to Remove Fuel Pump From Gas Tank?

Removing and replacing a fuel pump located in the fuel tank is a project that you can do yourself, usually after removing the fuel tank from your vehicle. You'll need help to remove and replace the... Read More »

How to Remove an Electric Fuel Pump?

Electric fuel pumps force fuel from the fuel tank through the fuel injection system. In older vehicles, before fuel injection systems, the fuel pump was not electric and the fuel was pumped to a ca... Read More »