How to Remove G Live From iPhone?

Answer G Live is a paid application that allows you to sync your iPhone with all of your Gmail contacts. Through this sync you can transfer contacts from your Gmail account to your iPhone, and back up con... Read More »

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How do you remove an old WiFi setting from iPhone I have a network that I can no longer connect to but the iPhone keeps constantly asking me if I want to try to connect.?

settings -> wifi click on the arrow next to the "known" network you want to deleteclick "forget this network"

If I remove battery from iphone 4 is it possible to use the iphone again when i put the battery back in?

You can't take a battery out of an iphone in the sense of normal phones like nokias and such (open back up and take it out)But if you do find a way and don't damage anything and connect all correct... Read More »

How to Remove a Live Tick From the Scalp?

Because ticks carry so many diseases that are potentially dangerous it is important to remove them from your body immediately. Although ticks can attach anywhere on the body, they are often found ... Read More »

How to Remove Adverts from Windows Live Messenger?

Windows Live Messenger advertisements can be annoying and disturbing when chatting with family and friends. They are generally displayed on the main window and chat windows and include everything f... Read More »