How to Remove Fuel Line Fittings?

Answer There are three commonly used fuel fittings on late model vehicles. Two of the fittings use an expandable piece to hold the fuel line end secure, and the third uses a threaded connector. Before rem... Read More »

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How to Lubricate Fuel Line Fittings?

Improper lubrication can lead to fuel fittings leaking fuel into a vehicle's engine compartment, potentially causing major damage to the vehicle or severe injury to people in the area. Proper lubri... Read More »

How to Measure Fuel Line Fittings?

When you're replacing the fuel line in a car, it's important to get a line with the correct sized fittings. The last thing you want is a leaky line. Leaking fuel lines are a fire hazard, and may re... Read More »

How to Remove Anodized Coating on Fuel Fittings?

Removing the anodized coating from fuel fittings is a simple task. An anodized coating is placed on the surface of aluminum to achieve a high shine. The coating is essentially paint, and one of the... Read More »

How to Remove the Anodized Coating From Braided Fuel Fittings?

Anodization is the process of coating the surface of a material with metal oxides, in order to strengthen the surface and protect it from corrosion and abrasion. When anodized coatings become damag... Read More »