How to Remove From Right-Click Context Menu on Windows XP?

Answer The Windows XP context menu is the pop-up window you see when you right-click an item in Windows Explorer. To remove items from the context menu, you must edit the Windows registry. Windows XP has ... Read More »

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How to Remove Norton Internet Security Right-Click Menu Options in Windows?

Generally referred to as the right-click menu, the Windows context menu permits a quick ability to perform various file operations. Some software applications add their own operations within the c... Read More »

How do I remove Adobe from the Windows Explorer context menu?

Remove Through the RegistryLaunch the Registry Editor: Click on "Start," then "Run," type "REGEDIT" (without quotation marks) in the provided text field, then click "OK." A list of directories disp... Read More »

How to Remove a Briefcase From a New Context Menu?

Windows comes with a basic file synchronization feature called Briefcase. Copy files that you frequently update to the Briefcase so you can quickly update other computers with these files if you ma... Read More »

How do I remove media player from the context menu?

Removing Windows Media Player Context Menu EntriesOpen the Control Panel by clicking "Start" and "Control Panel." Click "Programs" in the "Control Panel" window, click "Default Programs," and click... Read More »