How to Remove Firebrick Panels Inside a Majestic BR36 Fireplace?

Answer Replacing firebrick panels in a fireplace is a bit different than removing individual firebricks. Firebrick panels act as refractory panels, bouncing back heat and light from he fireplace as well a... Read More »

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How to Remove the Inside Panels From an Amana Freezer?

The rear panel of your Amana freezer hides several components that are critical to the proper cooling of your refrigerator. The evaporator, evaporator fan, defrost heater and defrost heater thermos... Read More »

How to Remove the Inside Door Panels of a Ford Van?

Knowing how to remover the inside door panels of your Ford van is a handy skill to have. With this knowledge in hand, you'll be able to avoid an expensive trip to the shop if you need to get inside... Read More »

How to Remove the Inside Door Panels on a 1995 Ford Windstar?

Removing the inside door panels on a 1995 Ford Windstar is a tricky task that requires finesse and skill. The panels hide the door access holes, which lead to the inside of the door where the windo... Read More »

Can I paint the inside of my fireplace?

Many people choose to paint the inside of a fireplace to hide stains and refresh their look. Only paint made specifically for fireplaces should be used, and it can be purchased at most paint stores... Read More »