How to Remove Fender Vents & Strakes on the RX-8?

Answer Fender strakes can give a Mazda RX-8 that aggressive look and are attached to the side fender vents. Although installation/removal looks simple, you must be very careful or you could risk damaging ... Read More »

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Which is better: ridge vents versus power vents?

On One Hand: Ridge Vents Work BetterRidge vents work better than power vents because they create more air flow throughout the attic. This air flow will keep the temperature in the attic close to th... Read More »

How do I remove ridge vents?

Starting the JobUse a ladder to gain access to the roof, and select an area to place waste detached from the roof. Go to the topside of the vent. Tear off the ridge cap with a hammer and flat bar t... Read More »

How to Remove AC Vents on a Mustang?

The AC vents on a mustang are secured by screws and retainer clips. The vents allow the free flow of air into the passenger cabin, but for cost reduction purposes, Ford made the vents out of plasti... Read More »

How to Remove the Air Vents on a Silverado Pickup?

The air vents of your vehicle are the conduits to your A/C and heating system, which help you cool down or heat up, depending on the time of year. They get a lot of use, and they can get a consider... Read More »