How to Remove Eyelid Glue?

Answer Used most often by Asian women, eyelid glue temporarily reshapes the upper eyelid, creating or enhancing a fold in the eyelid to give the illusion of a double-eyelid. The adhesive glue is water sol... Read More »

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Is double eyelid glue safe?

Hi,I'm 15 and Asian (oh joy!)I've got monolids too and found out about tape and glue a couple of months ago. I started using tape first. I cut my own tape from double sided rolls of tape.http://frm... Read More »

How do I remove contact lens stuck under my eyelid?

maybe that you havent got it stuck at all, and it has fallen out, and the eyeball is scratched. (i once went to a p*issed guy who was trying to take one out, but was actually trying to pull his rea... Read More »

How to Remove Glue From a Hot Glue Gun on Painted Walls?

Hot glue dries, cools and hardens to create a strong and waterproof bond between materials. Crafters often use it to glue plastic, rubber or paper items. One disadvantage to using hot glue guns is ... Read More »

How do I remove glue gun glue?

Remove Glue From WoodPlace the wood item in the freezer for 20 minutes, and peel away the glue gun glue. If your wood item is too big to fit into the freezer, place a plastic bag filled with ice on... Read More »