How to Remove Engine Oil Sludge?

Answer Engine oil sludge can build up in the engine's valve cover and oil pan, blocking the oil screen siphon and resulting in engine failure. The buildup is difficult to diagnose because a blockage may n... Read More »

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How to Remove Oil Sludge From the Outside of an Engine?

Keeping the exterior of a car or truck engine clean has advantages. A dirty engine makes routine maintenance or repairs a dirty job. The dirt and grime from the engine is transferred from your hand... Read More »

How to Remove Sludge From a 2.7 Dodge Engine?

Removing sludge from a 2.7 liter Dodge engine can protect your vehicle and keep it on the road for many more miles. Dodge's 2.7 liter engine used from the 1998 to 2004 model years can develop inter... Read More »

Why Worry About Engine Sludge if I Change My Oil?

Oil sludge buildup has always been a problem for automobile engines. The severe service that automobile engines are exposed to in high-speed driving and idling in heavy traffic increases the tenden... Read More »

Will using diesel engine oil in your car help reduce sludge?

Using diesel engine oil will help reduce sludge on an older engine. The higher detergent concentration in diesel engine oil aids in the process. However, even when being used to reduce sludge in an... Read More »