How to Remove Dye From White Leather?

Answer White leather looks chic, sophisticated and trendy--when it's clean. Unfortunately, like all other things white, stains will always look prominent. Cleaning regular stains from white leather may no... Read More »

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How do you remove a pen ink mark from a white leather?

How to Remove Blue Jean Dye From White Leather?

White leather sofas, car seats, purses and jackets with the telltale blue streaks from denim are the result of a dye transfer. The string blue dye from jeans or other denim products passes on to th... Read More »

How do I remove black biro ink from my white leather sofa?

My nephew did the same a few days ago on my brown leather sofa. I brushed a thin layer of cuticle removal cream on the ink marks, gently rubbed lightly with a clean white cotton cloth, and then wip... Read More »

How do I clean/remove grime marks from my white leather settee?

Baby wipes contain ammonia - for goodness sake don't use that on your leather settee. Great if other people think it works...wonder if they'll still think that after a couple of years of it when t... Read More »