How to Remove Duplicate Reminders in Outlook 2007?

Answer Outlook 2007 has a feature that allows you to set appointments or events with reminders. When the appointment nears, a pop-up window with a chime will let you know. Outlook 2007 will give multiple ... Read More »

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How to Duplicate Outlook Calendar Reminders?

Users of Microsoft Outlook can use duplicate calendar reminders to help keep up with daily tasks. The meeting scheduling feature in Microsoft Outlook allows you to create these duplicate reminders ... Read More »

How do I add multiple reminders to an Outlook 2007 calendar?

Add an AppointmentGo to your Calendar. Press "Ctrl" and "N" to open a window that allows you to create a new appointment. Type in your subject and location.Make the Appointment RecurringClick on "R... Read More »

How to Change the Sound Played for Reminders in Outlook 2007?

You can use an audio alert to inform you of reminders. The default sound is a short .wav audio file, however you can change the sound to any .wav file of your choice by following the steps below.

How do I remove a duplicate in Outlook?

Launch Outlook. Find the duplicate email, contact, task or event in your calendar. Make sure this is a duplicate and not an item that looks similar to another item. Left-click on it once. It will n... Read More »