How to Remove Dull Paint on Hood of Vehicle?

Answer While preventative maintenance can keep a vehicle's engine running smoothly for years, there's only so much you can do to maintain the vehicle's paint job, especially on the hood. When wear and tea... Read More »

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How to Clean a Dull Plastic Car Hood?

More and more automotive components are being made from plastic than ever before. Some vehicles have their entire body made of plastic body panels, while others have plastic fenders and hoods. This... Read More »

How To Remove Too Much Touch-up Paint From Vehicle?

Touch-up paint is great for covering your car's scratches. The paint will help to prevent the metal from rusting. But you don't want to overdo it and leave paint on areas that still have clear coat... Read More »

How to Remove the Road Paint From a Vehicle?

If you've had to drive through construction, your vehicle may have the battle scars to prove it. Overspray or road paint in bright yellow or white may be decorating the rocker panels of your vehic... Read More »

How do I remove paint overspray from a vehicle?

Apply Lacquer ThinnerDampen a rag with lacquer thinner. Do not use mineral spirits or turpentine in place of lacquer thinner. Do not soak the rag. Wring the rag out if you can see lacquer thinner d... Read More »