How to Remove Dull Film on Hardwood Floor?

Answer Hardwood floors are traditional and versatile, making them easily found in many homes. When you look over the available cleaning products at your local supermarket you will notice a variety of wood... Read More »

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How do I remove splatters of white paint from a hardwood floor wthout damaging the floor.?

If mineral spirits doesn't do it, then take a butter knife or flathead screw driver,put a cloth over the end and gently rub the spots off.The cloth will help protect the floor

Can you install a new hardwood floor over existing hardwood floor?

How do you remove scratches on a hardwood floor?

There are tons of resources online to help you out with this problem. Wood floors can be so nice but can also sometimes be a pain to maintain. Take a look at some of the following links and also ... Read More »

How to Remove Adhesive on Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors have many appealing features. They are easy to clean, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Another characteristic of hardwood flooring is that carpet can be laid down directly on to... Read More »