How to Remove Dents From Stainless Appliances Using Compressed Air?

Answer Compressed air comes in metal cans with the air tightly compacted inside. A small tube on the outside of the can lets you aim the air at a specific location. While manufacturers design the cans for... Read More »

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How to Remove Scratches From Stainless Appliances?

Stainless steel appliances are often high quality and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As such, their costs can be significantly higher than their comparable counterparts that are not stainl... Read More »

How do i remove rust from stainless steel appliances?

ScrubbingScrub off the surface rust on the stainless steel appliance with a fine steel wool pad.RemoveWet a paper towel. Clean the rust off the appliance. Dry completely with a paper towel.Source:M... Read More »

How do I remove dents on appliances?

Clean the PlungerSanitize and clean your toilet plunger. Place the plunger on the spot where the dent is on the appliance. The plunger works well on large appliances such as refrigerators or dryers... Read More »

How to Remove Dents From Your Car Using Dry Ice?

Small dents on your car can often result in large repair bills. For some of us, paying a few hundred dollars to fix an entirely cosmetic problem just doesn't seem worthwhile. Here's a way to remo... Read More »