How to Remove Dead Skin?

Answer Dead skin can make your face and body look unhealthy. When your skin becomes flaky and dry, dead skin is often the cause. Exfoliating your skin with products and techniques removes the dead skin ce... Read More »

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How to Remove Dead Skin With Sponges?

Scrubbing the skin, also referred to as exfoliating, can be beneficial to all skin types. Your skin sheds continually. Once shed, skin cells remain on the surface of your skin and may make your ski... Read More »

How to Remove Dead Skin Using Sugar?

An easy and fast way to remove dead skin from your face using just sugar; this is guaranteed to 'sweeten' up your face!

What Is an Easy Way to Remove Dead Skin on Your Feet?

Change in the weather, low humidity in the home, vitamin deficiency and diabetes are all causes of dry skin on the feet. While removing the dead skin is possible, there is no quick fix. In fact, re... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Dead Skin After a Cast Removal?

After a cast is removed, the skin underneath will appear white, flaky and hard. Your body continued to produce new skin cells, but was unable to remove the dead skin cells trapped beneath the cast.... Read More »