How to Remove Dark Spots & Razor Bumps on the Stomach?

Answer Razor bumps on the stomach can occur as a result of hair removal such as shaving or even waxing. The formation of razor bumps occurs when new hair begins to grow, but is blocked by excess skin cell... Read More »

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How to Remove Dark Hair Bumps on Women's Legs?

Those unsightly dark hair bumps on women's legs are generally the result of shaving irritation and ingrown hairs. Occasionally such bumps become infected and fill up with pus, which can cause scarr... Read More »

Can a bump fighter razor cause razor bumps?

On One Hand: Bump Fighter Razor Fights Razor BurnThe Bump Fighter Razor is designed to prevent the uncomfortable bumps that are caused by razor burn. explains that the unique sha... Read More »

The Difference Between Razor Burn & Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps and razor burns are two distinct types of skin irritation caused by shaving. Both are completely avoidable if you use the proper shaving technique. Does this Spark an ... Read More »

How do I Remove Dark Age Spots?

Dark age spots are a form of hyperpigmentation that cause an uneven skin tone. They appear due to consistent exposure to the sun, which has caused damage in the pigment of the skin. Age spots are o... Read More »