How to Remove Crayon From Leather?

Answer Taking the kids on road trips means that supplies are brought along for entertainment. Even with the best thought-out plans, accidents will still happen. The heat in a closed car can become so inte... Read More »

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How do I remove crayon from a couch?

Scraping the StainScrape at the stain with a plastic spatula to remove loose crayon from the surface of the couch. Apply a 1/2 tsp. of mineral spirits or WD-40 to the crayon stain. The lubricant lo... Read More »

How to Remove Crayon From a Sofa?

If you have kids, you may find a crayon stain on your sofa. Regardless of how the crayon got on the sofa or how big the spot is, a crayon mark on the sofa is a frightening sight. It is important to... Read More »

How do I remove crayon from chalkboard?

Spray the chalkboard generously with all-purpose cleaner. Vigorously wipe away the crayon with paper towels. If crayon remains on the chalkboard, spray the surface with all-purpose cleaner again an... Read More »

How to Remove Crayon From Glass?

Crayons are made of colored wax. They can be used to draw on a number of surfaces, because the wax slides onto the surface and leaves a brightly colored residue. For unwanted crayon marks, a water ... Read More »