How to Remove Corrosion From Metal on a Guitar?

Answer Metal is naturally prone to corrosion and the metal parts of a guitar are particularly susceptible. If a guitar is played on a regular basis, it is inundated with perspiration and other oils, as we... Read More »

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Easy Science Projects That Utilize Everyday Materials to Prevent the Corrosion of Metal?

Corrosion refers to the electrochemical disintegration of a metal into its constituent atoms, due, in household materials, to exposure to moisture in the air. Have your students utilize everyday ma... Read More »

How to Remove Corrosion From Car Battery?

That powdery mess surrounding your car's battery terminals is more than just an eyesore, it's trouble waiting to happen. The powder is a form of corrosion that is created by the natural release of ... Read More »

How to Remove Rust and Corrosion?

Rust is the result of the corrosion of iron. All metals, if placed in contact with the "right" environments or fluids, will corrode. Stainless steel can also develop a form of corrosion or develop ... Read More »

How to Remove Corrosion from a Battery Terminal?

The chemicals inside a car's battery can cause the terminal posts to corrode. This is especially true if you don't drive your car for long periods of time. Then, when you go to start your car, the ... Read More »