How to Remove Contact Lens Bandages?

Answer Contact lens bandages protect your eyes following an injury or surgery. The lens bandages allow your eyes to heal properly, lessening the chance of infection and, in some cases, relieve pain. When ... Read More »

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I accidentally used hydrogen peroxide cleaner for contact lenses on my contact lens. Did it ruin my lens?

It is a little unclear what happened, it sounds like you used peroxide contact cleaner for re-wetting solution or something like that. This stuff is made to clean contacts, how could it ruin them, ... Read More »

How Does a Soft Contact Lens Differ From a Normal Contact Lens?

The Geo Metro was in production for just less than 20 years. But when owning one, it's possible you'll experience a blown fuse at one time or another. Replace the blown fuse with a new one on your ... Read More »

How do you remove a contact lens that is lost in your eye?

The most common place for the lost contact lens in the eye is the upper recess of the conjunctiva.First begin by everting the lower lid and then the upper lid against a cotton bud, remove it gently... Read More »

How do I remove contact lens stuck under my eyelid?

maybe that you havent got it stuck at all, and it has fallen out, and the eyeball is scratched. (i once went to a p*issed guy who was trying to take one out, but was actually trying to pull his rea... Read More »