How to Remove Coffee From Car Paint?

Answer Spilling coffee on the finish of your car shouldn't cause you distress. If it's wet, simply soak it up. If it's dry, it will take a little longer to remove it -- but it's still possible. Before you... Read More »

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Are there any good ways to remove the coffee smell from a plastic coffee container?

Don't use bleach. Even though it may get rid of the coffee smell, you will have a nasty bleach smell in the plastic! (Been there, done that!) Vinegar will work as it cuts the natural oils in the ... Read More »

How to Remove Coffee Stains From a White Coffee Maker?

Coffee has become a staple in many people's daily lives, and one that you may need in order to "function" in the morning. As often as you use your coffee maker, you may not always take the time to... Read More »

How do you remove coffee stains from coffee machine?

Mineral deposits from hard water as well as staining from the coffee oils and caffeine can be removed with a mixture of salt and lemon juice, as well as any limescale remover or degreasing cleaner ... Read More »

How do you remove the coffee stains from a coffee pot?

I would suggest that you use about one tablespoon of salt. Mix the salt with hot water and swirl. This works best when the pot is still hot.