How to Remove Cloudiness From Hardwood Floors?

Answer Cleaning hardwood floors can often be a difficult task, as many wood floor cleaning products leave behind a cloudy film after they have dried. So while the cleaner may have removed the dirt and res... Read More »

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How do I remove wax from hardwood floors?

Apply ColdApply ice to the wax for a few minutes, to help it pull away from the wood. Scrape it away with a blunt, flat object like a butter knife or a credit card. Be very careful not to scratch t... Read More »

How do I remove ink from hardwood floors?

Prepare the Ink Stain for RemovalPurchase laundry detergent and a sponge if these items are not on hand. Mix a few drops of detergent into a spray bottle filled with warm water. Shake lightly to mi... Read More »

How to Remove Old Adhesives From Hardwood Floors?

Adhesive can be found on and in many things. Glues, labels, stickers and contact paper all have some form of adhesive in them or on them. When the adhesive comes in contact with a surface such as h... Read More »

How to Remove Blood from Hardwood Floors?

Removing blood from hardwood floors is easier when the blood stain is dealt with right away. This will prevent the blood from seeping in deeper into the wood. To get rid of the blood from your hard... Read More »