How to Remove Cigarette Smoke From a Windshield?

Answer Cigarette smoke quickly builds up inside a vehicle, leaving a hazy film on the interior side of the windshield. This haze is not only unattractive; it also reduces visibility through the windshield... Read More »

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How do I remove cigarette smoke from a car?

Vacuum your car thoroughly to get out all the dust and particles. Select a warm day, so that you can keep the doors open to help remove the odor. Scrub all of the carpet, including the headliner, w... Read More »

How to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Mattresses?

If you smoke, or your significant other smokes, cigarette smoke can embed itself into your mattress fibers. This makes cigarette smoke removal a little difficult, but not impossible--you'll simply ... Read More »

How to Remove the Cigarette Smoke Smell From a Car?

The smell of cigarettes is unpleasant to nonsmokers. If you purchase a car from a smoker, you want to remove the odor left behind from cigarettes before you drive your family on an outing. Air fres... Read More »

How to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Automobiles?

Cigarette smoke can cling to a car's interior long after the smoker has ceased smoking in the car. Removing the odor takes some time and calls for cleaning with the right kinds of products. Many de... Read More »