How to Remove Chlorine Buildup From Hair?

Answer After a long summer or vacation that includes a lot of pool time can, you might have more than just a tan. Chlorine buildup on hair can cause hair to be dry, brittle, frizzy and difficult to manage... Read More »

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How to Remove Hairspray Buildup from Hair?

Hairspray buildup can make hair very dull, heavy, and lifeless. If your hair has these characteristics and you use hairspray daily, you many simply have a buildup in your hair. Fortunately, there... Read More »

How to Remove Mineral Buildup From Hair?

One of the most challenging hair care issues is dealing with mineral build up and it's removal. Mineral build up in hair is usually caused by hard, well or chlorinated water. Mineral buildup can ca... Read More »

How to Remove Hairspray Buildup From Color-Treated Hair?

Over time, hairspray can build up on hair, which reduces its shine and bounce. Luckily you don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive products to remove hairspray buildup. You can use inexpens... Read More »

How to Remove Chlorine From Hair?

If you enjoy swimming, you are subject to getting chlorine in the hair unless you wear a swimmer's cap. The chlorine keeps the water bacteria-free, but it can be damaging to your hair. This makes i... Read More »