How to Remove Cherry Slush Stains From Automobile Carpet?

Answer Driving while drinking a cherry slush may be hazardous to the carpet in your automobile. Red drink stains do not remove as easily as other spills because of the red coloring. Spills on automobile c... Read More »

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How to Remove Cherry Limeaide Stains From Carpet?

Stains on carpet can be stressful--you don't want the appearance of your carpet to be permanently altered. When the stain is from cherry limeaide, you may become even more concerned about whether o... Read More »

How to Remove Leaf Stains on Automobile Finishes?

Leaves may seem harmless to your car, but they can cause stains if allowed to remain on the painted surface for too long. Once there are visible leaf stains on your car's paint, they need something... Read More »

How to Remove Tough Paint Stains From an Automobile?

Paint stains occur on your car's original paint from highways where fresh paint has been laid and is not yet dry. The paint sprays up as you drive over the fresh paint and sprinkles onto your car's... Read More »

How do I Remove Salt Stains From Automobile Carpets?

Road salt is different than regular table salt, and anyone living in a wintery environment can tell you it can leave quite a stain in car carpets. Eliminating road salt stains is possible, but unli... Read More »