How to Remove Characters in a Cell on Excel 2007 With VBA?

Answer Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a subset of Visual Basic that is used to customize Microsoft Office applications. A piece of VBA code, a macro, can replace many repetitive functi... Read More »

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How to Remove Who Edited the Comments When I Hover Over a Cell in Excel 2007?

Like its predecessors, Microsoft Excel 2007 allows users to add comments and annotations to cells. Annotated or commented cells are marked with a red arrow at the upper right corner. Hovering your ... Read More »

In Microsoft Excel how can you limit the amount of characters allowed into a cell?

It seems that you may have two problems to solve here: • Only allowing the correct number of characters to be entered in the first place. • Leaving the original data as it was entered, but... Read More »

How to Link Cell Sheets in Excel 2007?

When using Microsoft Excel with several different worksheets, you can link between cells from the worksheets to display numbers -- such as in a summary sheet -- or to perform calculations between t... Read More »

How to Attach Graphics to a Cell in Excel 2007?

Adding graphics to your Excel worksheets adds visual interest and makes it easier for users to literally see the story your data tells. Microsoft Excel 2007 offers a set of built-in tools for addin... Read More »