How to Remove Characters in a Cell on Excel 2007 With VBA?

Answer Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a subset of Visual Basic that is used to customize Microsoft Office applications. A piece of VBA code, a macro, can replace many repetitive functi... Read More »

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How to Remove Who Edited the Comments When I Hover Over a Cell in Excel 2007?

Like its predecessors, Microsoft Excel 2007 allows users to add comments and annotations to cells. Annotated or commented cells are marked with a red arrow at the upper right corner. Hovering your ... Read More »

How to Count All Rows With a Blank Cell in Excel 2007?

Sometimes when you insert data into Excel, you may leave a row or cell blank with no data. For example, if you have students who did not complete an assignment, for that assignment they would have ... Read More »

How do I Make Text in Each Cell Formatted With Commas & Parentheses in Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that includes a wide variety of computational functions. Commas and parentheses have highly specific purposes and placements in many of the functions. P... Read More »

How to Remove Cells with Zeros from Excel 2007?

Removing cells with zeros by hand in Excel 2007 can be tedious and time-consuming; this is especially true if your spreadsheet contains a large amount of data. One solution is to use a Visual Basic... Read More »