How to Remove Cat Urine From Vinyl Car Interior?

Answer Whether an accident happened when you were taking your cat to the vet, or you left a car window open and had an unexpected visitor, you may find the vinyl interior of your car has been stained by ... Read More »

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How do I remove cat urine from vinyl car interior?

Clean-upWipe the vinyl surfaces where the cat urine is present with commercial wipes or a sponge dipped in mild liquid dish soap diluted with water. Rinse well, but do not saturate.Odor RemovalSpra... Read More »

How to Remove Dog Urine From a Rug?

Cleaning up after a new puppy or an old dog is an unpleasant task. But urine can be removed from your rug easily with products you may already have in your home--products that don't have any harsh ... Read More »

How to Remove Urine From Car Upholstery?

Urine, regardless if it's from a human or animal, needs to be cleaned off car upholstery immediately. The urine leaves a foul odor and stain, which will make it unpleasant to ride in the car and hu... Read More »

How do I remove dog urine smell from a rug?

Vacuum the carpet with a wet vacuum, which is operated much like a standard upright vacuum cleaner. Use a wet vacuum instead of a steam cleaner, as the heat will permanently bond the odor to the ca... Read More »