How to Remove Cat Scratches on a Car?

Answer When cats leave overnight "souvenirs" on your car's hood or roof as evidence of their wild rampages or escape attempts from local dogs, even cat lovers might contemplate strangulation. Removing cat... Read More »

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How do I remove CD scratches?

Peel a banana and cut it in half. Take the flat, cut end of the banana and rub it on the bottom of the CD in small circles. Fully cover the underside of the CD with the juices from the banana.Rub t... Read More »

How to Remove Scratches on a Car?

Scratches on a car may be an eyesore, but there’s an easy solution to spruce up your paint job. If you want to learn how to remove scratches on a car, follow these simple steps to hide those ugly... Read More »

How to remove scratches from an led tv PLEASE!!!?

Try it very carefully, use a Q-tip and some toothpaste, rub the white spot, wipe with a soft rag, see what happens. It may work. Also, try rubbing alcohol, or DVD scratch remover.

How to Remove Scratches with Car Wax?

Scratches on the car are easy to come across. It could be from the little old lady that parked way too close or the careless person who bumped into the car and caught a metal button on it. For thos... Read More »