How to Remove Camaro Headlamps?

Answer The process for removing the headlamps of Camaro vehicles is the same for all models manufactured from 1967 until 1981, except for the Rally Sport editions that were in production from 1967 until 1... Read More »

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How to Remove the Headlamps of the 1967-1969 Camaro Rally Sport?

A special procedure is required in order to remove the headlamps on the 1967-1969 Rally Sport Camaro model. These first generation Camaros were discontinued in 1974, but are prized collector Camaro... Read More »

How to Remove Fog From Headlamps?

The headlamps of a car get foggy if drops of moisture condense on the inside of the lamps when the temperature outside falls during evening hours. If there is inadequate ventilation within the lamp... Read More »

How to Remove Audi TT Headlamps?

Although it is probably only seldom that people with high-end luxury vehicles opt to perform vehicle maintenance themselves, some jobs are easier than anyone realizes. When an Audi TT headlamp requ... Read More »

How to Remove the Headlamps on a 2001 Mercedes Slk 230?

The 2001 Mercedes SLK 230 is considered a sport coupe. The headlamps used in this model are made of durable ABS plastic. The lights used in the headlamps are removable halogen bulbs. Over time, the... Read More »