How to Remove Butter From Furniture Fabric?

Answer Butter is commonly used as a flavor enhancement in cooking applications, such as frying and baking. The smooth texture of butter makes it ideal for spreading over breads and other baked foods. Sinc... Read More »

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How do i remove stains from fabric furniture?

Removal PreparationVacuum the fabric stain as soon as possible to remove any dirt off from the furniture's surface. If the stain is from a liquid, use cloths or towels to remove the excess liquid, ... Read More »

How to Remove Cocoa Butter From Wool Fabric?

Wool fabric, while durable, allows stains to set in quickly. Cocoa butter leaves a greasy residue that absorbs deep into the wool material. After removing excess cocoa butter from wool fabric, the ... Read More »

How do I remove ink from fabric?

Using AlcoholPlace several paper towels or a rag on a counter. Place the stained fabric on top of the rag or paper towels. Pour a generous amount of denatured alcohol onto the stained area, making ... Read More »

How do I remove wax from furniture?

Furniture CleanerSpray a furniture cleaner onto the wood furniture. Allow the cleaner to dissolve the wax on the furniture by waiting five minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth.SandpaperRun ... Read More »