How to Remove Bumper Scuffs?

Answer Few things are as annoying for the driver of a new car than the inevitable discovery of a scuffed bumper. All it takes is one careless driver parking beside you to completely ruin the flawless look... Read More »

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How to Remove Scuffs From a Plastic Bumper?

Most drivers will at some point receive a scuff on their plastic bumper, and whether it is their fault or the fault of another, repair is costly. The inconvenience of taking the car to the shop, be... Read More »

How to Repair Plastic Bumper Scuffs?

You can repair plastic bumper scuffs to restore the look of a damaged vehicle. Collisions and scrapes that impact plastic bumpers rarely cause them to break or dent. The resilient plastic material ... Read More »

How to Remove Paint Scuffs?

It happens to every car owner at some point--a careless driver taps your baby, kissing the bumper with a nice coat of paint. Now your bumper has white, black or red scuff marks that attract your at... Read More »

How do I remove scuffs from patent leather?

Moisten a microfiber cloth in milk. Rub the patent leather scuffs with the milk-dampened cloth to remove the scuffs. Rinse a soft clean cloth with water. Wring out the cloth leaving it damp. Wipe t... Read More »