How to Remove Build up From Hair?

Answer Our hair can become limp and dull from buildup. This buildup can even make our hair look dirty, even though it is freshly washed. This buildup can come from styling products, too much oil and even ... Read More »

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How to Remove Hair Build up Naturally?

Build-up makes your hair look drab, lose its lustre, and can make it appear unclean! But you can remove it with ingredients from your cupboard, if you follow the instructions below.

How to Remove Product Build-up in Hair?

Using too much hair care product in your hair can decrease shine, luster, bounce and volume as well as dull the color. Products such as gel, mousse, hair spray and pomade strip hair of its natural ... Read More »

Home Remedies to Remove Well Water Build Up in Hair?

Over time, hair can become dull and dingy from hard water or well water build-up, particularly minerals. This is most apparent in blond hair, since the minerals can turn the color orange. Well wat... Read More »

How to Remove Sludge Build-Up From Drain Pipes?

Nobody likes the nasty odors and slow drainage caused by sludge build-up in drain pipes. Calling a plumber each time the drain slows down is costly, time-consuming and inconvenient. You have severa... Read More »