How to Remove Brown Spots From Centipede Grass?

Answer Brown spots in centipede grass are commonly caused by cold weather stunning the grass. Centipede grass is an annual turf grass that thrives in warmer climates in the Southern U.S. Mowing centipede ... Read More »

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How to Remove Brown Spots From Your Face?

Dark patches can develop on the face when unprotected skin becomes exposed to the sun. These dark spots are called solar lentigenes, more commonly known as sun spots. Sun spots can easily be preven... Read More »

Brown Spots on Grass Blades?

It can be is sometimes very difficult to determine the cause of brown spots on blades of grass. Disease, insects and improper care can cause brown spots on the individual blades of grass. Overfert... Read More »

Grass Treatment for Brown Spots on Blades?

Caused by improper cultural control, disease damage and pest infestation, brown spots on grass blades not only look unappealing but threaten the health of the grass if left to spread. Treat brown... Read More »

How do I make grass grow in brown spots?

PrepareTurn over the soil where the brown spot exists. Use a rototiller or a heavily tined rake. Using your hands break up any small clumps and remove any weeds. Spread a starter fertilizer all ... Read More »