How to Remove Brake Drums?

Answer Brake drums are used on many vehicles today as rear brakes. They are easier to service and somewhat cheaper to manufacture and provide enough stopping power in proportion to the load being placed o... Read More »

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How to Remove Brake Drums from a PT Cruiser?

The rear brake drum on the PT Cruiser is removable without it being assembled to the rear hub bearings. Unlike many older Chrysler products that employed an outer removable bearing and a pressed-in... Read More »

How to Remove Old Ford Brake Drums?

Older model Ford vehicles use brake drums on the rear axle (models built before the late 1960s may also have brake drums on the front axle). A brake drum system works by mounting a large steel or c... Read More »

How to Remove Grand Am Brake Drums?

The Grand Am is equipped with self-adjusting drum brakes on the rear wheels. The drums adjust themselves automatically to account for pad wear every time the vehicle backs up. The parking brake als... Read More »

How to Remove Rusted Brake Drums?

The external contracting brake was the original drum brake used on vehicles in the late-1800s to early-1900s. This braking system had a single strap or cable made of steel that wrapped around a dru... Read More »