How to Remove Bolts With an Air Chisel?

Answer Air chisels can be used for many different applications and are similar to a jackhammer with a little more speed. They are commonly used to remove large bolts from cars and other types of machines.... Read More »

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How to Remove Lug Bolts?

There are several reasons that you may need to remove lug bolts from your car wheels. Luckily, the process is fairly simple as long as you are careful. There may be a variety of reasons that you ne... Read More »

How to Remove B16 Cam Gear Bolts?

You must remove the valve cover on a B16 engine to access the cam gears. Eight chrome studs and four bolts hold the valve cover in place, and two additional bolts hold the exhaust cam in place. Use... Read More »

How do I remove molly bolts?

Insert the ScrewTwist the tip of a screw just inside the molly bolt's head.Push the Bolt Into the WallTap the screw's head lightly until the molly bolt falls into the wall, leaving a hole; if the b... Read More »

How to Remove Shear Bolts?

A shear bolt gets its name from the fact that it shears off or breaks when under extreme stress. This bolt design purposely shears to keep the pieces of equipment that it holds together from breaki... Read More »