How to Remove Bolts With an Air Chisel?

Answer Air chisels can be used for many different applications and are similar to a jackhammer with a little more speed. They are commonly used to remove large bolts from cars and other types of machines.... Read More »

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How to Easily Remove a Cylinder Head on an Auto With Frozen Bolts?

If you are removing a cylinder head for repairs, you don't have to remove the nuts, and break-off the stud bolts or ruin the exhaust manifold. Don't even remove the retaining bolts holding the exha... Read More »

How to Cut Mortise With a Chisel?

Before routers and other power tools sped up woodworking, cabinetmakers cut mortises the classic way, using a chisel and mallet. A special mortising chisel is thicker than other chisels and has par... Read More »

How to Split a Nut With a Chisel?

If you have a nut that won't come off and you're looking for a way to remove it, consider using a chisel. You can split a nut with a chisel without doing harm to the bolt. Chisels work well when yo... Read More »

How to Cut Sheet Metal With a Chisel?

Sheet metal has many uses and can be found on many products. Some of the products include automobiles, duct work, structures and boats. There are also various methods for cutting sheet metal. Sheet... Read More »