How to Remove Body Hair on Women?

Answer In American culture, a nearly hairless body is the feminine ideal. It's common for women to have smooth legs and underarms, along with a satiny upper lip, groomed eyebrows and neat bikini area. To ... Read More »

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Why is body hair considered so "gross" on women?

It is a great cultural hypnosis, a mass marketing ploy to sell more disposable razors. We have been convinced it is 'cleaner' and 'better'. But it makes us seem even more like shaved apes than we a... Read More »

Girls, what is your view of women out there who dont shave body hair and let it grow naturally?

How to Remove Facial Hair for Women?

Some women are prone to having embarrassing facial hair. As women age, the likelihood of increased facial hair greatly increases, due to hormonal imbalances after menopause. Does th... Read More »

How to Remove Nose Hair in Women?

Although the occasional nose hair is easy to remove with a pair of tweezers, if you have persistent nose hairs, you will probably need to take more proactive measures to get rid of these unsightly ... Read More »