How to Remove Black Scuff Marks From Italian Tile?

Answer The soles of shoes often cause black scuff marks on Italian tile floors. Scuff marks can accumulate on the floor fast, depending upon the traffic, causing the Italian floor to look less than beauti... Read More »

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How do you remove black scuff marks from tile floor?

We have cheap (but sturdy, nice) tile floors - thanks to our former landlord... I tried some of the crazy crap, offered as "magic" solutions. Miracle Whip, for instance. I got nothing but a scuffed... Read More »

How to Remove Black Scuff Marks on White Dress Shoes?

Black scuff marks are the bane of white dress shoes and you cannot always wipe them away easily. While you may be tempted to turn to harsh chemicals to restore the brightness of your white dress sh... Read More »

How do I remove black marks from tile floors?

Spray WD-40 on a rag and scrub scuff marks caused by tar, rubber wheels or the bumper of a vacuum cleaner. When the marks are gone, use floor cleaner to remove any signs of the WD-40. Rub minor bl... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Scuff Marks on a Black Car?

Black cars are notorious for showing every little scratch and imperfection in the paint, including scuff marks. Scuff marks are usually in the form of scrapes from another car, a shopping cart or c... Read More »