How to Remove Bean Skins With a Food Mill?

Answer Beans are high in flavor, fiber and protein. Processing them into a puree creates an ingredient that can be used to thicken soups and stews, as the base for dips and spreads, and as a delicious and... Read More »

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What is a substitute for a food mill?

A potato ricer can accomplish many of the same functions as a food mill, though they typically lack the same capacity and require more effort to use. Food mills separate soft foods from seeds or sk... Read More »

How do I mill buckwheat to remove hulls?

Milling Buckwhat to Remove HullsRun buckwheat seeds, which are three-cornered, through a mill. Personal mills are available for grinding various kinds of grains. Set the mill wide initially, and us... Read More »

How do I distinguish between rattlesnake skins& nonpoisonous snake skins?

Rattlesnakes are very dangerous creatures. While they are shy and will avoid confrontation whenever possible, their bite is poisonous and potentially deadly when they do decide to strike. While it ... Read More »

Are you supposed to eat the potato skins or not My mother always told me that the skins had all the?

I don't like tattie skins myself ((((Olga)))) they're not very nice because they're covered in earth and stuff.…...