How to Remove Band-Aid Adhesive From Skin?

Answer Band-aid adhesive sticks to the skin so well that it's sometimes a challenge to remove. The residue can collect dirt and seems to become stickier and less willing to come off if it's been there for... Read More »

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How do you remove the adhesive residue left behind from band aids?

Try baby oil. Spread a bit over the glue residue, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and wash. You probably don't want to get it on the incision if it's not completely closed up, of course.

How to Remove Adhesive From Skin?

You have a cut, so you apply medicine and you bandage it.. Then, the bandage leaves behind its adhesive. If the cut is a big one and the bandage is even bigger, it could seem like a nightmare to g... Read More »

How do you remove residual adhesive edges left when Band-Aids are removed?

Answer Just use a little WD-40, or if that scares you, a little vegetable oil will do the trick.

How do I remove bandage adhesive from skin?

Gently pull the bandage off of your skin. Wash the area where the bandage adhesive remains with warm water and soap. Dry your skin. Apply baby oil to the area, and work it into your skin. Allow the... Read More »