How to Remove Ball Joints on a Chevy K1500?

Answer Ball joints on a Chevy K1500 are used to connect the upper and lower control arms to the spindle. The spindle contains the hub with the wheel studs to which the wheels are mounted. The steering tie... Read More »

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How to Change Ball Joints on a 1995 K1500?

The 1995 Chevrolet K1500 has ball joints connecting each of its wheels to the truck's steering system. Faulty ball joints can be a potentially dangerous liability and should be replaced upon the fi... Read More »

How to Remove the Ball Joints on a 1992 Chevy Van?

The ball joints on the 1992 Chevrolet vans are located behind each wheel on the lower control arms of the vehicle. These ball joints act as a link between the tires and the steering system. The bal... Read More »

How to Replace Ball Joints in a Chevy Car?

The ball joints on a Chevrolet vehicle are the joints which connect the control arm to the steering knuckle. The ball joint allows the front wheel to travel up and down when traveling over rough te... Read More »

How to Replace the Ball Joints on a Chevy Tahoe?

Replacing a ball joint on a Chevy Tahoe truck depends on the year of the truck and if you're changing the upper or lower joint. For more recent models (made since 2007), the lower ball joint can be... Read More »