How to Remove Baffles from a Harley Muffler?

Answer Harley-Davidson motorcycles are synonymous with a deep, loud exhaust sound. "Loud pipes save lives" is a phrase heard often among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, and they practice what they preach. Th... Read More »

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How to Remove Baffles From a Motorcycle Muffler?

Removing, or "drilling out," the baffles of your motorcycle's exhaust system is a great way to intensify its sound. By effectively doing away with the silencers that dull the sound of your engine ... Read More »

How to Remove Stock Harley Baffles?

When most people think of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the first thing they recall is the deep, often loud exhaust note of a big cruising bike. The loud exhaust has become a staple of motorcycle cu... Read More »

How to Remove Harley Muffler Rivets?

All motorcycles require maintenance. Some of this maintenance is focused on the exhaust system. A Harley Davidson exhaust system occasionally has to have the exhaust system repacked, which means th... Read More »

How to Remove a Harley Muffler Baffle?

Riding a motorcycle has many advantages, such as maneuverability, fuel efficiency and fun. Unfortunately, safety is not included in the advantage list. To counter the inherent danger of riding a m... Read More »