How to Remove Automotive Window Tint?

Answer Automotive window tint serves a number of useful functions. It blocks direct sunlight, preserves the interior of your car, discourages car thieves who can't easily see inside, and keeps your car co... Read More »

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How to Install Automotive Window Tint?

Window tint can offer many benefits to the car owner, including privacy from the outside and the blocking out of harmful UV rays from sunlight. Before you begin to apply any window tint, check with... Read More »

How to Remove Old Window Tint?

Window tint is a vehicle customization that darkens the windows of a vehicle. As window tint ages, the darkness of the tint can lessen. Some vehicle owners with window tint use standard window clea... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Window Tint?

Removing window tint from a car, truck or other vehicle is a tricky task that requires patience, a razor blade or other hardware and a glue remover. If the tint is not completely removed and the wi... Read More »

How to Remove Window Car Tint?

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