How to Remove Automobile Oxidized Paint?

Answer Automobile paint requires a protective clear coat to prevent general wear. It not only provides a glossy finish, but it also helps preserve the condition of the vehicle's color or base coat. A clea... Read More »

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How to Remove Wax From Oxidized Paint?

Oxidized paint makes a vehicle look dull and faded. Paint becomes oxidized by UV rays and other environmental elements breaking down the clear coat paint. Once moisture gets into the pores of the c... Read More »

How Do I Remove Oxidized Paint From Home Windows?

Oxidized paint has been exposed to the elements and is beginning to break down. It is marked by chipping, peeling, color loss, and a shift from a shiny finish to a dull one. Oxidation usually affec... Read More »

How to Remove Oxidized Clear Coat Automotive Paint?

The paint on a vehicle is supposed to feel smooth as glass and look glossy and shiny. Unfortunately, when the clear coat becomes oxidized, it feels rough and looks very dull and flat. Oxidation is ... Read More »

How to Remove Paint From an Automobile?

There are several reasons for removing paint from an automobile. Some cars have old paint that must be completely removed before a fresh paint job can be started. Old paint is often difficult to re... Read More »