How to Remove Auto Grease Stains?

Answer Finding auto grease stains can be disheartening. The dark color and sticky nature of automotive grease makes removal seem impossible. Fortunately, you can remove grease stains from a variety of hou... Read More »

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How to Remove Grease Stains?

This quick tip uses common household materials, liquid dish detergent and white vinegar, to instantly and completely remove grease stains from clothing.

How to Remove Car Grease Stains?

Car grease stains can get on your clothing when you're working on your car or even looking under the hood. These transfer easily but are simple to remove, particularly if you tend to them right awa... Read More »

How to Remove Old Grease Stains?

Accidents occur when grease spills onto fabric, causing a stain. Since grease stains are best removed when they are fresh, you'll have to spend more time removing older stains. Old grease stains ha... Read More »

How to Remove Dried-In Grease Stains?

Whether you have dropped a greasy food item on your shirt, or you have a family member who works in a garage and is constantly rubbing oil and grease onto his work uniform, you are left with unsigh... Read More »