How to Remove Auto Config Scripts From Registry?

Answer In a Windows environment, all hardware and software installed on the computer have their settings stored in the registry. The Windows registry is essentially a text-based database or index of every... Read More »

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How to Write VBS Scripts to Edit the Registry?

Visual Basic Script (VBS) is a powerful tool provided by Microsoft to allow experienced computer users to automate common tasks on their computers. This includes the ability to modify the Windows R... Read More »

How to Remove Wallpaper From the Registry?

When you change your computer's wallpaper and log off, the next time you log on you will see the same wallpaper. How does Windows know how to do that? The system registry contains information about... Read More »

How to Remove Viruses From the Registry?

When surfing the Internet, there is the ever-present risk of downloading a virus or malicious program. These viruses often take control of various aspects of your computer and can make it very diff... Read More »

How do i remove programs from the registry?

Open Registry EditorClick on the "Start" menu and enter the "regedit" command directly into the "Start Search" box for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. Click on the "Registry Editor" option that ... Read More »