How to Remove Asbestos Roof Tiles?

Answer Builders used asbestos tiles for various applications before the 1970s. Then it was discovered that exposure to asbestos could cause cancer. Removing asbestos from any part of your home is a very i... Read More »

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Can a jackhammer be used to remove asbestos tiles?

Do not use a jackhammer to remove asbestos tiles. That technique, as well as any other highly destructive technique, will release cancer-causing asbestos fibers into the air. Call an asbestos profe... Read More »

Is it dangerous to remove asbestos tiles in the basement?

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, removing asbestos tiles anywhere in your home can be hazardous to your health if the materials are damaged or friable. You should consult a licensed... Read More »

Is it safe to remove asbestos flooring tiles yourself How dangerous is it?

You can do it, but you must be careful. The trick is to not make the asbestos airborne, so do not break up the tile. As long as it stays imbedded you are fine, however I would still take the prec... Read More »

My wife is on the roof at the moment, replacing some ridge tiles, for fun shall I remove the ladder?

Yes remove the ladder, U have just brightened mine and my colleagues day in work. Thank U